Mick Fuller of Garden Trugs

Mick Fuller

Hello, Welcome to Garden Trugs by Mick Fuller,

Although I now live in Kent I originally came from Rye in Sussex hence the interest in trugs.

I have been making trugs for over 16 years and have been demonstrating at country fairs / garden shows for 12 years.

I make traditional trugs which are made from coppiced chestnut and willow, fastened together with solid copper nails.

Trugs were originally made by farmers for their own use as a measure for grain etc also for broadcasting seed before the seed drill was commonplace.

They are now mainly taken up by gardeners for carrying vegetables and flowers and for ornamental purposes.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like for me to attend a country fair or garden show.

If you would like to make a purchase please contact me on 01303 259255 or via email

Trugs can be collected in person from my house in Folkestone, Kent or posted within mainland UK for £8. For any orders outside this area please contact me and I will work out the postage and get back to you with a price.

Hope you enjoy looking through the site and please visit the gallery to see my work.


All trugs are sent by courier Tracked & Insured for safe delivery

Cleaving Chestnut in preperation for Trugs

Cleaving Chestnut

Steaming Chestnut Frames

Steaming Chestnut Frames

Shaving Willow Boards

Shaving Willow Boards

Nailing Boards

Nailing Boards